International conference calendar

Below you will find an overview of international conferences within the social domain.

ESPANET 2019 Conference - Social Citizenship, Migration and Conflict - Equality and opportunity in European welfare states
5 - 7 September 2019, Stockholm, Sweden
At this conference the relationship between migration and existing systems of social protection from various viewpoints, share evidence on good practices, and identify obstacles that keep many immigrants from achieving full citizenship will be discussed. The conference will offer rich opportunities for researchers from many countries to interact and exchange ideas about the social consequences of migration, particularly in relation to existing systems of social protection. Academic research has an important task in addressing some of the grand challenges of today, develop new perspectives, and ask questions of paramount interest also in the public debate and in politics.

IFSW European Conference
8 - 11 September 2019, Vienna, Austria
Its motto is “Social Protection and Human Dignity”, and it points out that political changes are challenging both our profession and our societies. Social work will stand up for a society that pays respect to every single person and struggles for inner cohesion and supportive communities. Main impulses will arise from the Plenary Sessions at the beginning and at the end of the Conference. Keynotes and Paper Sessions at the main venue will reflect the broad spectrum of social work. A Students Congress embedded in the Conference, will be taking place at the local University of Applied Sciences.

IFS Flagship Conference "Building Social Europe" 2019!
16 - 18 September 2019, Helsinki, Finland
The Flagship Conference will be an opportunity for IFS members and actors from a wider European social movement to debate with national and EU level decision-makers on how the European Union can prevent further decay in social justice, democracy and trust in the EU. In particular we will look at: 1. Social justice: How to make the economy work for people? 2. Participatory democracy: How can civil society become the missing link between people and decision-makers? .

2019 EIP on AHA Conference of Partners
23 - 25 September 2019, Aarhus, Denmark
As part of their joint mission to support ageing and care in digital transformation, the AAL Programme and its annual Forum are teaming up with the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) to hold the 2019 Conference of Partners. This is an opportunity to network, plan and join a wide-ranging audience of leading European thinkers, regulators, policymakers, regional actors and associations.

21st WAVE Conference
7 - 9 October 2019, Tallinn, Estonia

23rd ILGA-Europe Annual Conference
23 - 26 October 2019, Prague, Chech Republic
It will be organised in close cooperation with two local host organisations: Proud and Prague Pride.