Movisie aims to contribute to a society in which people are empowered to the maximum of their capability. On this website we combine practical and in-depth knowledge in the themes below.

Inclusion and diversity

People can be excluded from participating fully in society for various reasons. For instance because of a handicap, age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender identity. But also through poverty or functional illiteracy. Contributing to an inclusive society calls for attention.

Domestic and sexual violence

Domestic and sexual abuse are wicked social problems without simple solutions. How can we identify violence in dependent relationships and how do we address it?

Informal care

People are increasing encouraged to call on their own social networks. Relatives, neighbours and friends look for ways to offer care and support. Care professionals add their services and cooperate with informal carers. 

LGBTI emancipation

How to create a society that also welcomes lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people?

Social care

Social care relates to people who are vulnerable due to psychological or psychosocial needs that limit their full participation in society. They need comprehensive, life-wide and often long-term support.


More than 200,000 professionals are employed in the social sector in the Netherlands. Updating their professional level and continually engaging in new developments are important conditions that ensure the high quality standards of the work