Antidiscrimination Practices Database

12 augustus 2014

This database offers an overview of inspiring practices in the Netherlands aimed at combating discrimination and/or at the promotion of equal treatment. The database is meant as a source of practical information and inspiration to anyone involved in or wanting to initiate a project or policy to tackle discrimination issues. Each practice in the database includes practical information such as objectives, target groups and financing of the practice as well as keys to success and useful tips.

Criterions used for selection of practices are

  • Discrimination grounds
    The database includes practices aiming at the prevention or combating of discrimination involving the discrimination grounds age, disability/chronic disease, gender, race/ethnic origin, religion/belief and sexual orientation. Practices may also involve multiple discrimination grounds (multiple/intersectional discrimination).
  • Social areas
    Practices in the database concern different social areas, such as the labour market, education, sports, housing, catering industry or the neighbourhood.
  • Types of practices
    All sorts of practices can be found in the database, ranging from training or information provision to educational programmes and dialogue initiatives. Some are directly aiming at the prevention or combating of discrimination; other practices involve antidiscrimination in a more indirect way (for instance by promoting mutual acceptance of certain groups or by tackling prejudice).

To the database

Organization: Art.1, the Dutch knowledge centre on discrimination
Contact person (at Movisie): Charlot Pierik
Project partners: Movisie
Funding organisation: European Union - Social Solidarity - Progress (2007-2013).
Project period: 2011 - 2012