International partnerships

Movisie is the national knowledge institute in the social domain. We aim to contribute to a resilient society in which citizens can function as independently as possible. We are interested in learning from experiences and experiments in other countries.

What do we wish to achieve in partnering with organisations abroad and at international level?

Learning, sharing and increasing understanding of social issues, causes and solutions for wicked social problems: we would like to learn from your experiences. Of course we are also willing to share our efforts in solving social problems. Social problems are no longer limited to a specific country but transfer boundaries and cultures. As social issues are becoming global, solutions will probably also become more comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and cross-boundary.

What kinds of partners are we looking for?

As a knowledge institute we collect, validate and disseminate knowledge. We work on a variety of issues, including for instance inclusion and diversity, domestic and sexual violence, informal care and social support, poverty and debt resolution, client participation, user involvement, and LGBTI emancipation. We welcome collaboration with international or foreign organisations working in one or more of these fields.

What do we do?

Sharing knowledge and experience internationally can be done in many ways, through study visits, workshops, presentations and projects. We have experiences with collaboration in various EU funded projects, such as Active and Assisted Living Programme, FP7, Erasmus+, Progress, Daphne, Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme and Justice Programme.

Get in touch!

Have a look at our website. Or subscribe to our English language newsletter. We are always interested in getting to know colleagues in other countries and their work on social issues. Please feel free to contact us to exchange views, knowledge and best practices.