About Movisie

Movisie is thé national knowledge institute offering a comprehensive approach of social issues. Together with people in practice we develop and implement knowledge of what really works well. Movisie’s unique contribution is in accelerating learning processes. We are not satisfied until we effectuate sustainable positive change in the lives of people in vulnerable situations.

The social domain is continually changing, reflecting in different relationships between governments, professionals and citizens. They need knowledge that works in a changing society. With our partners in the social domain, we offer practical research and solutions. We collect our knowledge in practice ánd we implement it in practice. This is what provides effective advice tailored to the relevant practices. In this way we ensure that you achieve maximum impact in your work and together we invest in the strength and mutual connections between citizens.


Players in the field can rely on our experts for advice. For instance on how to improve social safety or promoting the empowerment of clients.

Who benefits?

We support and counsel civil society organisations, governments, social entrepreneurs and civic initiatives. Local or national, focused on the issue at hand and at the organization. In this way we enable organisations and their professionals to optimalise their contribution to society.


We want our work to have impact. That is why we offer tailormade knowledge, advice and solutions that are ready for use by our target audience. We feel that knowledge should be available to everyone. That is why on this website you will find practical examples, tools, in-depth articles and publications.

Effective interventions

Looking for interventions that have proved their effectiveness in practice? Visit our Effective social interventions database (Dutch only). Or have a look at our Knowing What Works files (Dutch only). These files provide information on factors that contribute to effectively addressing social issues, based on the latest state of the art in academic literature.

Networking and sharing knowledge

In addition to sharing existing knowledge, we also develop new knowledge. We invite professionals to participate in professional networks to actively share knowledge and experiences. We use working methods to promote this, such as meetings, online sharing through websites and newsletters and a wide variety of networking activities.

Not-for profit quality

Movisie employs open-minded and imaginative professionals who are based in society and who are not afraid of innovation. Movisie aims for quality. That is why we have adopted a quality system that since 2011 meets the ISO9001 standard.

In 2016 we signed the Diversity Charter to indicate that we volunteer to promote diversity on the work floor. We are a not-for-profit organization.

More information

Please contact Movisie international.